An open cooperative 5G experimentation platform for the industrial sector NetApps
A 5G-PPP Project funded by the European Commission

NetApp Management Platform

The development and integration of a full-stack NetApp Management Platform, including state-of-the-art control and data plane solutions based on intelligent 5G OSS (Operation Support System) layer, scalable microservices-based cloud orchestration platform, and advance user interfaces for the porting of NetApps and the monitoring of their attributes

Industry 4.0 NetApps

The development and deployment of advanced Industry 4.0 NetApps, showcasing the support of a variety of innovative Industry 4.0 market verticals through the demonstration of advanced use cases that meet demanding Industry 4.0 and 5G KPIs (e.g. ultra-low latency, fast service deployment, high service reliability, while accommodating industrial-grade scalability demands).

5G Experimentation Infrastructures

The deployment of industry driven 5G Experimentation Infrastructures based on heterogeneous real-world industrial fields, (covering key large-scale sectors, such as automotive, energy, and home appliances), combined with public 5G network infrastructures.

Exploitation potentials

The identification of the enabling Businesses and exploitation potentials towards all the impacted market stakeholders.


Infocom contributes to the design and development of the 5G Operation Support system and to its integration into the Experimentation Infrastructures



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