A cyberSecurity Platform for vIrtualizeD 5G cybEr Range services 


To design the core architecture of the SPIDER Cyber Range as a Service (CRaaS) platform for the telecommunications domain

To develop state of the art AI/ML technologies for the security assessment of virtualized telecommunications infrastructure 

To design and implement a gamified and serious game based learning environment to train virtualized telecommunications infrastructure stakeholders on cybersecurity  

To devise and integrate in SPIDER CRaaS platform improved risk analysis and econometric models to support the evaluation of economic impacts of cyber risks and drive decisions about investment

To design and develop a monitoring and reporting system to track progresses of trainees that use the SPIDER CRaaS platform

To demonstrate the SPIDER CRaaS platform across four pilots

Infocom is involved in the design and implementation of the 5G emulation Test Bed, part of the SPIDER CRaaS platform prototype, which enables hand on training 



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